This product is a 25-page study called “Les services à la personne: nouveaux marchés pour de nouveaux entrepreneurs” (Personal servicers: new markets for new entrepreneurs). It is a reference to provide better understanding of the stakes, issues and potential of the personal services’ sector. It can be downloaded on the ‘Réseau +’ website.


There is a real need to invest in the personal services market in France. This study is aimed at potential entrepreneurs and is designed to be a useful tool for people for them in the establishment of a new activity.

Main target groupsEdit




Main theme of interventionEdit

Start-up support

Consolidation and Growth

Access to Finance

Web link to productEdit

Project nameEdit

Réseau +

Member state/regionEdit


Contact informationEdit

Solidarité Entreprise

Arnaud Maigre

Tel : 00 33 (0) 1 70 71 24 01,

e.mail :

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